Headquartered in LITTLETON, COLORADO, LifeCairn operates around the globe wherever your story is taking you.

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We craft great stories in video. For over 12 YEARS, we've crafted cinematic stories that enrich life for COMPANIES, NON-PROFITS, and INDIVIDUALS.
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FOR ORGANIZATIONS: stories to promote, fundraise, educate, or give testimony.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: stories to leave a legacy, celebrate, commemorate, or share.

We've built our own, very unique and effective approach to storytelling; as distinguished by Discussion Sittings™, a 3-Stage Movie-Making Process, and our Signature Story-Artistry™. Contact us to learn more.


Businesses, non-profits, corporate leaders, authors, musicians, teachers, grandparents, parents, adults, and kids. Our organizational clients are focused on, as we are, a mission that serves and impacts people. They are headquartered in several states with staff sizes from one to hundreds, doing local and/or global work.

WHY choose us?

We’ve been in business since 2004.

We memorize your mission statement and thoroughly understand you and your audience before we pick up the cameras.

We’re not trying to be all things to all clients. So, we’re not afraid to provide leadership in areas where our expertise shines.

We’re masters at crafting compelling storylines with the “real people telling the real story.”

Our Discussion Artists™ & Discussion Sittings™ foster authentic, articulate dialogue.

Our 3-Stage Movie-Making process efficiently and cost-effectively focuses every project on what’s most important in your story.

Our Signature Story-Artistry™ makes for a remarkably engaging, cinematic experience for your viewers.

what's the name?

LifeCairn. A cairn is a 16th century Scottish term meaning a collection of stones rising above the surrounding terrain, calling attention to itself: “There’s an important story here.”

About Todd


Todd Slocum is the owner of LifeCairn, Inc. and has been doing video professionally for almost 20 years. His style is personal, thorough, and creative. Todd's background is multi-faceted in business, the church, and living abroad. He is married to Allie and has two daughters, Kaylie & Rylie. Todd enjoys aviation, hiking, and travel. He is a member of the US Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.

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